The challenge of leading others…

Leading Others Leading people can be very challenging at times. The diversity of your workforce makes a “one size fits all” approach to leading very impractical. Here are a few principles to help guide you:

– First, let your people know that you believe in them and believe it yourself. When your people feel that you believe in them they will work even harder not to let you down.

– Ensure that your people understand what is expected of them, and then inspect what you expect. This does a couple of things. For one, your people will really know that it is a priority for you. Secondly, it will give you an opportunity to recognize them for a job well done and/or to provide further guidance if needed.

– Be flexible in your leadership style. Different situations and people may dictate a varied approach to the task.

– Show your people that you are interested in their professional development. Let them know that this is a priority for you. Take the time to develop a plan for each of them. This also means you may have to help them find opportunities to further their development…be active.

– Help them develop the competence to excel at what they do and the confidence to try something new. At times it will be necessary for your people to operate outside of their comfort zone, it is your responsibility to help build within them the confidence to do so.

– Take responsibility for making your people successful. Make it your priority.

– Finally, don’t be a “crutch” for the people you lead. Help them stand on their own. Developing, mentoring, and training are key.

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